Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring options, and many homes have carpeting in at least a few rooms. This flooring material has a soft texture that is pleasant to walk across. Its texture and color add aesthetic appeal to your space, buffers noise to create a relaxing ambiance, and acts as a filter to trap dust, dirt, pollen’s, mold, and allergens from floating in your homes air.

However, the fibers in your carpet can become overflowing with these allergens, dirt, mold and more. These particles can cause everything from allergies and asthma to skin problems and other health issues. In addition, they can cause unpleasant smells that negatively impact your home’s ambiance.

By following these five tips, you can keep your carpeting as clean as possible, and reduce the likelihood that your floor may cause health issues.

1. Use Walk Off Rugs at All Entrances

A doormat or walk off rug is more than a welcoming feature that invites your house guests inside the home. It also collects dirt, allergens and more from shoes, preventing these particles from getting on or in your carpeting. Place walk off rugs at each exterior doorway. It may also be helpful to institute a no-shoes policy in your home.

2. Vacuum Carpeting Regularly

Vacuuming will not remove all particulates from your floor, but it can remove many of them. When you vacuum at least twice each week, you can prevent superficial particles from being ground into the carpeting. This can help you to keep the carpet cleaner over time. If possible, use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. If you have pets indoors, vacuum more frequently.

3. Clean and Dry Spills Quickly

When any type of liquid spills onto your floor, the liquid can seep through the carpeting and into the padding underneath. This could cause bacterial and mold growth if not cleaned and dried quickly. Examples: aquarium leaks, plumbing leaks, pet accidents, tub or sink overflows, large drink spills, etc. Always soak up all moisture as needed with towels (white if possible to prevent any color bleeding into the carpet), and clean these areas thoroughly as soon as possible.

4. Schedule Professional Cleaning Service

Even with your best effort to keep your carpet clean, some dirt, bacteria and other particles will become embedded in your carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning uses more advanced methods to deep clean your carpet, such as truck mounted hot water extraction. In addition, less water is used than what you may use with a do-it-yourself approach. This means carpeting dries faster, which can eliminate the concern about mold growth. Professional cleaning is recommended every 12-18 months.

5. Replace Carpeting Periodically

Your regular cleaning effort as well as professional cleaning services will help you to keep your carpet as clean as possible. However, you will still need to replace carpeting periodically for maximum cleanliness. If you have been nursing an old, worn out carpeting for months or years, replacing it can improve how healthy your home environment is. If you are unsure if your carpet can be restored or needs to be replaced, call us and we’ll give you a free in home carpet assessment.

Dirty carpeting can make you and your loved ones sick in various ways. Keeping your flooring as clean as possible through your own efforts is important. However, you also need professional cleaning regularly. If it has been more than 12-18 months since your carpeting was professionally cleaned, contact True North Cleaning to schedule deep cleaning!

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