If you feel like your home is constantly dirty regardless of how frequently you clean it, you are not alone! You may have just dusted your living room furniture yesterday, and it may already be covered by a thin layer of dust. Floors, counters and other surfaces are equally difficult to keep clean. You may not realize it, but you can dramatically reduce your cleaning tasks and keep your home cleaner for longer periods of time when you take proactive steps to minimize the amount of dirt that enters your home. These steps can help you tackle the dirt problem in your home.


Tip #1: Choose Your Doormats & Walk Off Mats Wisely

Doormats can be placed both inside and outside of your exterior doors at all entrances, including the garage door. They give you a place to dust the dirt and debris off before you enter the home. An outdoor doormat ideally will be made out of rubber, and it may even have a wire rack feature for getting mud off of your shoes. Indoor doormats should have a no-slip vinyl or rubber under-layer. Ensure that the doormats are wide & long enough to accommodate a typical person’s stride. Remember to clean & vacuum the dirt off of your doormats frequently.


Tip #2: Change Your Air Filters & Clean Your Air Ducts

Any dust and debris that enters your home will circulate through the space via your HVAC system. The purpose of your air filter is to capture this debris so that less material spreads. Cleaning or replacing air filters at least once every 30-45 days ensures that they work properly. Invest in quality, high micron filtration air filters. Air ducts can also become contaminated with dust, debris, pollens, bacteria, and many other toxins with regular use. These toxins should be removed so that it does not filter into your rooms when the HVAC system runs. Have your HVAC duct sustem professionally cleaned every 2-3 years. Also be sure dust off your ceiling fan blades periodically.


Tip #3: Have a No-Shoe Rule

Adopting a no-shoe rule for your home is a smart idea. Shoes can be taken off and left near the door so that any debris on them will not spread throughout the home. When you think about all of the gross surfaces that your shoes have touched, such as public bathroom floors and dirty parking lots, it is a no-brainer to kick off your shoes before entering the house.


Tip #4: Grooming & Steps with Your Pets

Pets may be furry members of the family, but they often do not get groomed as frequently as they need to. Brush them outside every day or two to remove pet dander, extra hair and other debris. Remember to wipe their feet and dry them off before they come into the house. Bathing them on a regular basis is also helpful.


These steps can dramatically reduce the amount of dirt and other debris that circulates throughout your home. However, regular vacuuming and mopping are still necessary to keep your home as clean as possible. Because debris can get ground into your carpeting, professional carpeting cleaning once or twice per year is also beneficial. If it has been a while since your last deep carpet cleaning service or if you have problematic stains and odors, contact True North for assistance.


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