Area & Wool Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Stains and Fighting Dirt

Messes happen. Often where you least want them to. Whether the mess is caused by a pet having an accident, kids (or adults) spilling snacks, or someone tracking in mud, the area rugs in your home are especially primed for the messy parts of life. Some stains will be more stubborn than others, but the sooner you tackle them, the better your chances are of removing them. That is where we come in! Give us a call and we come to you to pick them up and take them to our shop so we can get every bit of dirt hidden away in the fibers.

The True North Process

First, we beat out all the loose dirt making it easier to see the problem areas. Then we top that off with front and back vacuuming. This process gets most if not all the loose dirt out of the rug revealing what has become a stain and what hasn’t. Then we do our hot water extraction cleaning method. Next, we apply the appropriate cleaning solution to the rug or multiple rugs and let the solution work its magic sucking up deep dirt that you most likely didn’t even see. This process even helps fight stains. Then we run our carpet wand over it washing out all the cleaning solutions applied to the rug and dirt and stains come right out with it. Then we hang to dry, and we deliver the rugs back to you!

We take the utmost care to protect and treat your rug using trusted and safe cleaning methods. Ensuring the safe and thorough cleaning of your treasured rugs. We also do minor rug repairs of loose or unraveling fibers.

How Often Should You Clean Your Rugs

As a general rule, most rugs should be cleaned every 12-18 months, but a variety of factors can make it a good idea to clean your rugs more often or less often than that. It all depends on the type of rugs you have, your lifestyle, and the elements your rugs are exposed to. No two rugs are alike. A very sturdy, very dirty rug needs to be treated differently than an extremely delicate rug that’s only a little bit dirty. That’s why we carefully inspect before any cleaning is done.

What’s the age of the rug? What type of material is used for the rug? How long since the rug was last cleaned? What caused a stain on the rug? Why is the rug damaged? We go through this process to ensure your rug is returned to you looking better than ever. We do another inspection after the cleaning process to ensure that we send you home with a beautiful, clean rug you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Deep Cleaning Area Rugs and Peace of Mind

Many people find that getting their rugs deep cleaned on a regular basis is beneficial for their home, health, and peace of mind. Even if you’re generally tidy, you might be surprised at the difference a professional cleaning can make. So, give us a call and make your home looking new again!

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