Nothing looks worse than a glob of dried wax on your carpet! Unlike liquids that can be blotted and wiped up, candle wax solidifies in a matter of seconds.  With the right tools, diligence, and a bit of patience, you can get your carpet back to looking like new. Here is a great method for getting wax out of your carpet.

Gather your Tools

  • Vacuum cleaner with hose attachment
  • Butter knife
  • Iron
  • White cleaning cloths
  • Small paper bag
  • Sandwich bag filled with ice
  • 8 to 1 mixture of water and ammonia


Read this through completely before starting:

1.) Remove the bulk of the wax clinging to the fibers of the carpet. Take the butter knife and gently scrape the wax. Pieces of the wax will begin to crumble as you break them off of the fibers. Use the hose attachment of your vacuum and vacuum up the loose wax pieces as you go. Be careful and gentle so you do not damage or distort the carpet fibers.

2.) When no more wax can be dislodged, take the ice pack and place on top of the remaining wax area. This will make the wax hard and brittle. After a few minutes, remove the ice and again gently scrape with the knife. Then use the hose attachment on the vacuum cleaner and suck up as much of wax particles as possible.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 until no more wax can be removed this way.

3.) Once you have broken away & vacuumed as much of the wax as possible, we want to heat the wax back to liquid & absorb it into the paper bag. Set your iron on the lowest steam setting and turn off the steam. Lay the paper bag over the wax, and set the iron on top of the paper bag.  Be very careful not to leave the iron on your your carpet  so long that it burns or melts the carpet. Check frequently – every few seconds. You just want to melt the wax into the bag with the heat. Check frequently (every few seconds) & move the paper bag to clean sections of the bag to absorb the liquefied wax. You may need more than one bag. Let cool & check to see if the fibers are soft (not stiff with existing wax residue). Repeat until wax residue is gone.

4.) If there is dye from the wax remaining on the carpet fibers. Take your cloth and dip it into the ammonia/water mixture. Carefully blot, without rubbing, the stain (rubbing can distort your carpet fibers permanently). Check the white cloth to see if the dye is transferring to the cloth. Continue to rinse your cloth in the mixture and blot until the stain is gone or is no longer transferring to the cloth.

Allow to dry. If the dye stain is not completely gone, call a professional carpet cleaner that knows how to remove dyes from carpet (We do!)

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