Is it time to schedule carpet repair services for your home or business in Lynden? While regular maintenance helps prevent damage and ensures your flooring lasts longer, issues can still arise over time. It’s important to have these addressed by a carpet specialist as soon as possible, as leaving issues exposed can cause additional damage. While some problems are quickly evident, others may be harder to spot. To ensure you catch needed repairs early, contact a professional if you notice any of the following types of damage:

Burns and Holes

Holes and burns can range in size, but even a small issue can be a huge eye sore. Carpet repair for this type of damage usually consists of removing and patching the affected area. Professionals can use carpet remnants, order more material or take a small piece of flooring from a hidden area to make the patches.


Over time, it’s not uncommon for staining to develop. Stubborn stains can be particularly problematic, but most carpet repair companies have numerous treatment options to choose from. Most strains can be completely eradicated without permanent damage to the carpet.

Rips and Tears

Rips and tears require immediate carpet repair because threads can continue to unravel. The best repair methods stop raveling from spreading and leave no trace of the damage afterward.

Need Carpet Repair in Lynden?

Do you need to schedule carpet repair for your home or business in Lynden? The contractors at True North Cleaning Professionals are here to help! Our highly-trained team of specialists has the knowledge, skills and equipment to address a number of flooring issues, including carpet cleaning and repair. We regularly work with floors of all kinds, including carpet, oriental and wool rug, and grout and tile. You can also depend on us for superior air duct and upholstery cleaning. Contact us to schedule a consultation. 

Carpet Repair Services in Lynden

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