Spring’s fresh, warm air is nearly here! And with it, the spring cleaning season. With most of our busy schedules, this can be a “not so fun” time! Even with an early start to spring cleaning, to-do lists can be lengthy and take time you may not have to spare. Getting help for the big tasks allows you to maintain your schedule, and considering what your time may be worth, save you money. Here are some heavy spring cleaning items we can help you quickly and thoroughly so your work and play schedules go on without interruption.

Leave The Heavy Spring Cleaning To Professionals

1.) Carpeting

Carpeting can become an unsightly and unhealthy mess after a winter of heavy foot traffic grinding dirt and grime into the fibers. Vacuuming may boost the appearance a little, but it does nothing for the mounds of trapped dirt and germs lurking beneath the surface. Cleaning your carpeting yourself is a huge task (to do properly) and the results will never be as good as great professional cleaning. Our cleaning removes all soils, bacteria, pollen’s, toxins, and soap residues so your carpet stays clean like when it was new.

2.) Upholstery

Upholstery is one of the most neglected furnishings we see in homes. Many time homeowners simply don’t realize how well their upholstery can clean up. Many are simply afraid to clean it themselves and for good reason. Most upholstery must be specially cleaned or it can be ruined. Upholstery that can be home cleaned will never turn out as well as when professionally cleaned properly. Plus, cleaning upholstery is very time consuming. We can get your upholstery healthy clean like when new, giving you the results you’ll feel is a great value for the dollar. Your upholstery will be revived, looking great and give you many more years of service.

3.) Oriental & Wool Rugs

No more hanging rugs and beating unhealthy dust clouds. It’s ineffective for cleaning and unhealthy for eyes and lungs, and it could actually damage and crease your rug. We simplify the process with our pickup system. We clean your rug at our warehouse using fiber-specific care and then deliver it back to you dry, cleaned, and safely wrapped.

4.) Air Ducts

Ever dusted only to find the cleaned areas with a brand new layer of dust by the next day? Dust, dirt, bacteria, dust mite waste, and other particles settle in air ducts. As the ducts deliver cool or warm air, they’re also serving as a re-circulation tool for harmful air particles. It causes allergies and can make dusting seem like a moot task. Our duct cleaning services stop this unhealthy cycle by using a high volume professional vacuum & brushes to remove and trap debris from the entire air duct system so that it can’t recirculate. You’ll breathe easier and dust less!

Do You Need Professional Cleaning Services?

As spring arrives, most homeowners survey what cleaning chores need to be done. Is your list long? Maybe, you haven’t even had time to start your list?

If the above sounds familiar, there’s no need to panic or give another thought to whatever hinders your cleaning efforts. The affordable and reliable cleaning services of True North Cleaning Professionals are just a phone call away!

We offer free in home estimates. Call today to schedule your appointment and beat the rush for spring cleaning services!

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