Carpet stains from spills & accidents are just part of life, but most people expect them to at least stay away if they’re seemingly successfully cleaned. Right? Sadly, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, they come back with a vengeance!

Two Reasons Carpet And Rug Stains Reappear After Cleaning

There are two possible reasons carpeting and rugs can be cleaned after a spill, appear to be fine, and then have the stain reappear later:

1.) Wicking

Wicking happens when liquid penetrates the rug or carpet to reach the backing and/or padding. Even though the surface was cleaned and the spot disappeared, the fibers act like a wick to reabsorb the spilled liquid residue beneath. Much like an oil lamp “wick” that draws the oil to the top, your carpet fibers do the same as the spill dries. The stain then becomes visible again.

Keep in mind that the liquid causing wicking can also be from the chemicals and cleaning water left behind during manual cleaning and when a cleaning is machine used, not just the spillage liquid itself.

Speaking of cleaning machines, many DIY hot water rental units label themselves as commercial or professional quality. Yet, they simply aren’t powerful enough to extract all the moisture they put into the carpet. In other words, they can create more problems than they solve by overwetting the carpet and pushing residues beneath that later “wick” to the top.

2.) Residues Causing Soiling

Soiling is the result of residue left behind on carpet and rug fibers when cleaning products aren’t completely rinsed and blotted dry. These leftover particles become sticky little magnets to trap dirt, dust, and other particles. As dust & dirt collect, the spot appears as if the original stain has returned.

Many spotters you can buy at the grocery store leave residues.

Take help from professionals, such as True North Cleaning, to ensure the right techniques are applied to a stain and that any chemicals used are safe for home and family and residue-free.

Prevent Carpet And Rug Stains From Reappearing By Taking Immediate Action Until The Professionals Arrive

Treat spills as quickly as possible to help prevent the padding, backing, and sub-floor from being impacted. The best move is to place a clean white towel or a stack of white paper towels over the spot to absorb as much of the spillage as possible. Absorb as much of the spill as possible. Then place a new clean, dry white towel or stack over the area. Place a solid-surface weighted object over the stack to help secure it to the moist area.

What If Wicking Or Soiling Has Already Happened?

Dealing with stain that keeps coming back can be frustrating and discouraging. Here are the best DIY ways to deal with residue and trapped moisture:

• For residue, spray just enough warm water over the stained area to dampen it but without wetting the back of the carpet. Now, dry the are using the same white towel technique mentioned above. After weighing it down, allow it to sit overnight. Some soap residues will require professional defoamers or neutralizers to remove.

• For trapped moisture (spills trapped beneath the carpet), skip the water step and go straight to the weighted towel technique to leave overnight. be sure to use a white towel so dies won’t bleed into the carpet.

• Another option for trapped moisture is to pull the carpeting and padding up and dry from the bottom up. However, pulling carpeting up is a chore and may require professional re-installation afterward.

Call In The Professionals

If the above doesn’t work, don’t assume your valuable carpeting or rug is a lost cause. In most cases, DIY efforts won’t completely rid moisture and residue from wicking or residue stains. Before throwing in the towel, call in the professionals!

True North Cleaning professionals use a truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning unit to ensure the deepest, most powerful clean possible. The system leaves carpeting and rugs free of soil, bacteria, pollens, mite waste, dust, dirt, and all residue. Nothing, including the stain, is left behind. Call today to schedule an appointment for a True North professional cleaner to solve your returning stain problem once and for all.


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