Many homeowners spend considerable time comparing carpet samples and researching different types of carpeting and padding before making a new flooring decision. Depending on the type and quality of carpet that you choose for your home, you can reasonably expect it to provide you with up to ten years of use or much longer in some cases. During this period of time, you understandably want it to look its best. Carpet protection is sold with some carpets as an add-on, and you can choose to continue to add carpet protection to your flooring every year or two for ongoing protection. However, is this extra expense really worth paying? A closer review of carpet protection can help you to make a decision that is best for your home.

What Carpet Protection Does

Before you can determine if carpet protection is a smart add-on for your flooring, you need to understand what it does. This is a special treatment for your carpet fibers that prevents them from absorbing liquids that are spilled onto the floor. It also reduces the likelihood of dirt and other elements getting ground into the fibers, and this is a particularly problematic issue for high-traffic areas. More than that, carpet protection can also be used to protect the flooring from UV damage, such as fading and other issues. Be aware, however, that carpet protection is not ideal for all types of carpeting. For example, if you choose polyester carpeting, the protectant offers minimal benefits at best.

How Carpet Protection Affects Your Warranty

If you are thinking about adding carpet protection to newly installed carpeting, it is beneficial to read the fine print on your warranty. Some warranties require specific types of carpet protection in order for the warranty remain valid. If your warranty has this clause, it may be most advantageous to add carpet protection. If the warranty does not have this requirement, the selection of carpet protection is at your discretion.

The Cost of Carpet Protection

The cost can vary by provider, product, and by location. Generally you can expect a quality protectant to cost between 15 to 20 cents per square foot. This is a very affordable price for the protection that it provides. However, you also should be aware that not all protectants are the same. There are many types of protectants on the market and results vary. We only recommend using the very best fiber protection to bring you the best value.

Now that you know more about the benefits and costs of carpet protection, it is wise to explore the factors related to protecting your specific carpet. At True North Clean, we can help you to determine what type of carpet you have and what type of protectant will work best, if any. We can also provide you with a quote for applying the protectant.

If your carpeting is already stained and dingy, we provide complete restorative cleaning to bring your carpet beautifully back to life. Contact True North Clean today for all of your carpet care and maintenance needs.

If you are looking to restore the health, luster and beauty of your carpet and upholstery, or you are just concerned about your carpet’s health in general, now is the time to do something about it.

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