During the winter months, carpets in both residential homes and businesses take a serious hit. From slushy, snow-covered shoes to muddy puppy feet, carpeted areas can quickly go from clean to a disaster.

To help our clients get through the season with the least damage to their carpet, we’ve put together a list of seven things that you can do to save your carpet from weather-related damage.

1. Have a Stop by the Door

Most dirt is brought in when family members and guests come trudging through the mud and then walk on the carpet. To avoid this from happening, put a small seat or bench beside the entrance door along with rows of slippers. This will alert guests that removing shoes is important in your house, and will encourage them to slip them off before they track across the carpet.

2. Use Washable Floor Covers

Mats and rugs were designed specifically to catch dirt before it hits the carpet. Put walk off rugs & runners to use by stationing rugs in front of each door and then laying runners down areas of the floor that will receive the most traffic. Just make sure that the rugs and runners you use are washable!

3. Look into Raised Garage Mats

Our vehicles tend to provide us with dirt we haven’t even considered. After driving through mud, ice, and snow, the undersides of our cars are quickly covered in icy build-up that will melt once the vehicle is parked in the garage. Rather than trying to avoid stepping in the melted slush, you can opt to use raised garage mats or walk off rugs that will catch the dirt and salt before you take it into the house with you.

4. Don’t Forget Porch Maintenance

If your shoes are wet and you then plod across a dirty porch, they are sure to become muddy. Take extra care to keep your porches and patios clean during the winter months. Also, consider adding a foot stomping area where snow can be kicked off of shoes and boots before guests enter the house. 

5. Put the Vacuum to Use More Frequently

During the winter months, one needs to up their regular cleaning routine. Get out the vacuum and put it to use more frequently to remove dirt before it is able to settle into the carpet.

6. Keep up with Spots

No matter how hard you try to keep a house clean, muddy spots are certain to appear occasionally. Rather than letting these build up, you can choose to spot-clean to keep the dirt under control.

7. Plan a Spring Carpet Cleaning

As soon as the winter months are over, plan to have your carpet professionally cleaned. This cleaning will thoroughly remove all the dirt that has built up over the winter months and restore carpets to their former glory.

By using the seven tips listed above, you can ensure that your carpets remain in the best condition, making it possible for them to endure the winter months with little to no damage.

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