Do you need to schedule carpet repair for your home or business in Bellingham? While regular carpet cleaning will extend the lifespan of your floors, eventually they’ll need to be repaired or replaced. Knowing when to call a carpet specialist for assistance is essential, as waiting too long might result in the need for the more expensive option of replacement. Contact a professional right away if you notice any of the following signs.


Even small spills can leave stains, which may be difficult or impossible to remove yourself. When this happens, calling a carpet repair professional is the best option. The earlier you address the problem, the easier it will be to resolve.

Wear and Tear

While your carpeting is built to last many years, you may notice thinning, fraying or holes developing in certain well-used spots over time. This will only get worse as time goes by. A professional may, however, be able to get another few years out of your investment before replacement is necessary.

Depleted Padding

Sometimes it isn’t the carpeting itself that needs to be repaired. In some cases, it may be the padding that lies beneath. It can flatten after extensive use, which will make your carpeting less effective.

Time to Schedule Carpet Repair in Bellingham?

If you’ve noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it’s probably time to discuss options with a professional. The expert team at True North Cleaning Professionals can help with all your carpet, rug and upholstery needs! Our highly trained and experienced specialists provide superior carpet cleaning, carpet repair and upholstery cleaning. Clients also depend on us for oriental and wool rug and grout and tile projects, as well as with air duct cleaning services. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Carpet Repair Pros in Bellingham

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