Carpet is one of the largest “appliance” items in a home. Many homeowners invest a decent amount of time, energy, and money to ensure that their carpet matches in the pattern, color, and material with the rest of the room. When cared for correctly, carpet can last for several years. However, poor treatment of the carpet will inevitably lead to expensive damage. Here are six of the biggest carpet cleaning mistakes that homeowners should avoid.

1. Scrubbing or Rubbing Too Vigorously

There’s a popular misconception that carpet stains can be removed if enough scrubbing is applied. This leads to homeowners frantically scrubbing a stain with either a rag or scrub brush only to realize that they damage the carpet fibers and make the spot worse. This is actually one of the most common cleaning mistakes made by homeowners. These aggressive attempts to remove a stain usually push the molecules of the stain further into the carpet and destroy the carpet fibers in the process. Instead, these stains should be removed by gently blotting and absorption, using a white towel only, and proper carpet spotter.

2. Not Taking Advantage Walk Off Mats (Runners) or Area Rugs

The entire surface of a carpet will not receive the same amount of wear and tear. There are certain areas that receive more traffic. There are also areas adjacent to walk-in soil that should be protected. These areas will naturally end up showing more damage over time. Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving these high traffic areas exposed. This will lead to an uneven look and/or heavy soil accumulations. Instead, area rugs and runners can be used to keep these areas intact. Runners are longer rugs that are usually placed in entryways from outside, garage entries, and leaving the kitchen. Area rugs, on the other hand, typically rest under furniture in a living room or other common area. These tools can help a home’s carpet last much longer.

3. Not Using The Appropriate Spot or Stain Remover

Many homeowners assume that all spot removing products fall into the same category. When there is a spot on the carpet, they simply grab a random stain remover and begin scrubbing away. There is also some bad advice regarding the use of “natural” stain removers that can be made at home. The reality of the situation is a bit more complex. Carpet fibers come in a wide variety of different materials, and each material can require a different stain remover. Many stain removers can be to harsh, high pH, or leave residues that damage the fibers stain resistance or attract soil later. The carpet manufacturers are the only true experts when it comes to deciding on stain removers. Homeowners should call their customer hotline or visit their website to see if there is a FAQ section. We also offer a great spot remover that is safe on all fibers. Our clients get free refills for life 🙂

4. Not Vacuuming Enough

While there are some people who vacuum to rigorously, there are also some homeowners that simply don’t vacuum enough. No carpet should be left until the soil build up becomes visible. This is too long to wait and soil is then usually deep in the fiber and difficult to remove. Carpets should be vacuumed at least once per week. For those homes with pets or children, vacuuming every other day may be necessary. Carpets aren’t only infested with visible dirt. There are millions of tiny particles that are comprised of oils, dust, and dirt that are invisible to the naked eye. These particulates scratch and damage the fibers over time causing wear patterns and dullness in appearance. Vacuuming regularly helps keep your carpet healthy and look & last longer.

5. Using Cheap Deodorizers On Carpet

Carpet deodorizers are advertised to help keep a house’s carpet clean. Because of their powdered form, these deodorizers often result in the build-up of residue and gunk within the fibers of a carpet. Most home vacuum cleaners aren’t able to generate enough vacuum to remove this powder, especially when they are applied to a damp carpet. Spray/liquid deodorizers leave a sticky residue that will attract dust and dirt causing the carpet to soil faster.  Many homeowners also make the mistake of assuming that carpet with a clean smell must actually be clean. Deodorizers provide a great smell, but they are usually covering up a deeper not so healthy problem. The best deodorizer is a carpet that is thoroughly cleaned with truck mounted hot water extraction.

6. Not Hiring Professional Cleaners

Many homeowners make the mistake of refusing to hire a professional carpet cleaners. There is mistrust due to previous bad experiences, or the misconception they can do a good job with a home or rented carpet cleaner. In reality, a certified, highly rated professional carpet cleaner can provide carpet cleaning extremely higher in quality than home or rented cleaners. The key is to be sure the cleaner is certified, has high ratings, and uses a well maintained truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning machine. These impressive machines will give a home’s carpet the deepest clean it can possibly receive. As far as cost, professional cleaning extends the life of your carpet, and improves the health in your home for affordable prices.


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