Carpet and rugs often get tagged as having a bad reputation, causing many consumers to make other purchasing decisions for their flooring needs. However, not all bad reputations are deserving, and carpeting is one of those cases. Modern carpeting and rug options have a beauty, value, health benefit, and life-span that make either an excellent flooring choice. Let’s explore some of the pros to adding carpeting to a home.

Creates Stylish Beauty For Any Living Space

Carpeting comes in a plethora of styles, colors, and textures, which allows consumers ultimate customization and personalization of style. Today’s style carpeting is beautiful, luxurious, and can be chosen to accent any type of home or lifestyle.

Creates Better Air Quality

Consumers have likely heard that carpeting and rugs trap debris like dirt and pollen. It’s true. New carpet actually acts as a passive air filter and is considered one of the lowest VOC-emitting flooring choices for a home.

Gravity causes indoor air particles to settle in carpeting. But, it’s actually a positive attribute, not a negative. When pet dander, dust, pollen, dust mite waste material, and other indoor household particles naturally fall to the floor, carpeting is able to trap these particles and prevent them from recirculating through the breathing zone.

Hard floors simply continually allow these particles to shift about and circulate back into the home’s breathing space.

When cleaned with CRI-approved, HEPA filtration vacuums, carpeting and rugs release the particles into the vacuum to remove them from airspace recirculating and create a better air quality in the home.

Only in areas like the kitchen or bathrooms, would hard flooring be a more healthy choice.

It’s The Best Choice For People With Asthma and Allergies

Due to the fact carpet does trap indoor air pollutants, people have long assumed that it’s bad for people with allergies and asthma. Nothing could be further from the truth, however.

Studies have shown that properly cleaned carpeting is actually the go-to choice for those suffering such respiratory issues to reduce and manage symptoms. Again, it goes back to the fact carpeting keeps air pollutants from recirculating and enables them to be properly disposed of during cleaning.

One Of The Lowest Emitters Of VOCs

Synthetic fiber carpeting kept clean and dry is impossible to develop issues such as mold. It’s recognized as one of the lowest VOC emitters when it comes to interior flooring. Carpeting and its adhesives and cushions, in many cases, exceed government indoor air quality regulations.

Provides Insulation For Homes

Carpeting and rugs act as thermal insulation and resistance devices. Consumers that have ever walked across a frigid hard flooring can attest that it holds a chill year round. Carpeting retains warm air longer, resulting in lower electric bills and more indoor comfort and energy conservation in colder weather.

Softens Flooring

While carpeting can provide a more comfortable and temperature-friendly place to sit, work, or play on the floor, it’s also an asset when one unexpectedly finds themselves hitting the floor. The softer padding and cushioning of carpeting helps to absorb the impact of a fall and minimize injuries, which is especially important for those with fall risks like those of seizure patients, the elderly, feeble persons, and small children.

As a slip-resistant surface, carpeting even acts as a preventative fall measure. With everyday use, carpeting also helps to soften footsteps and prevent tired legs and feet from long periods of standing on hard surfaces.

Noise Reduction Benefits

From kids to electronics, homes can be loud. Carpeting helps absorb noises and keep them confined to the place of activity. This is especially true when carpeting has a cushion pad installed underneath it.

Foot traffic on stairs can be reduced by carpeting, and it’s especially useful as a sound barrier between multi-level floors to block out foot traffic sounds from traveling to the dwellers underneath the floor.

Excellent Choice For Those Looking To Make The Least Environmental Impact

The carpeting industry supports the Sustainability Assessment for Carpet (NSF/ANSI 140), which was created for carpet purchasers wanting to ensure products meet the best sustainability performance. With the help of industry member’s support, CARE, or Carpet America Recovery Effort, has diverted over four billion pounds of carpet waste from landfills over the last 16 years.

The three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – have helped to make the carpeting industry one of the least impacting flooring choices for the environment. Carpeting at the end of its lifecycle can either be recycled for other products, such as in the automotive, roofing, and railroad industries, or it can be reused to make new carpeting products. Rest assured that carpeting is one of the most sustainable flooring products on the market today.

In conclusion, carpeting and rugs can be an excellent choice for your home. The key to carpeting benefits, however, is in keeping it clean.

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