Oriental rugs lend class, sophistication and elegance to a room, to say nothing of their monetary value as a highly desirable work of art in residential or commercial settings. While regular vacuuming can address ordinary upkeep, professional oriental rug cleaning is the best way to maintain its good looks and integrity for many years to come.

Gentle Cleaning

A professional rug cleaning team has the specialized tools and expertise to successfully lift dirt and grime from your oriental rug without causing damage to the fibers or the way they’re knotted or woven. 

Custom Care

The cleaning methods chosen by a professional cleaner will vary by project, whether that’s a rug, carpet or upholstery in your home or business. In this case, your oriental rug will be assessed to determine the type of fiber and rug construction as well as the nature of the soil present to achieve the best results. Any areas of concern that require repair will be identified, too.

Safe Handling

Rolling your oriental rug and struggling with getting it into your vehicle to bring it to the cleaners has the potential to cause damage. Instead, a professional team will typically come to your home or business and prepare your rug for transport, repeating the process to return it to you after cleaning.

Do You Need Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning in Burlington?

True North Cleaning Professionals are your professional resource for manufacturer-recommended cleaning of hard and soft surfaces in your home or business. Our services include carpet, upholstery, grout and tile, air duct, and of course oriental and wool rug cleaning. As a licensed, bonded and insured team, we are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and attentive service; contact us today to learn more. 

Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning in Burlington

Serving Whatcom & Skagit Counties, including Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, Blaine, Burlington & Mt. Vernon


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